What we do

*Although we were known as a wholesaler for makeup and skincare products but in recent years we are well known for our artificial nail products, our range of products has dynamically expanded over the years. From Cosmetics to Skincare to nail art to Beauty, we at Shills Professionals provide one-stop solution for all your cosmetics, skincare and grooming needs. We adhere to the highest standards for maintaining quality in all our products. We regularly lounge & have updates & upgrades of our products.


We have patents all over India. Honestly, professional quality as the core & customers first mutual benefit with the concept of mutual wins.

We have personal relationship that builds a loyal


We have 500+ dealers & 10,000+ satisfied customers In D2C (dealers to customers) we covers whole hog in every states

Our Future goals:

*We are shaping our company profile to ensure continuous professional development, commitment, and openness. The steady and persistent efforts of the past years have led to success. We started globally in Nepal and UAE. Global connections are a network and consequently each network member is essential for us. We are looking forward to connect globally.

Thanks to these delighted devotees our business is thriving – but we refuse to take this success for granted. We work around the clock in search of new ways to delight our customers. Over last few years, our humble little products have been stealing hearts & claiming titles everywhere.

Best sellers:

*Our exclusive range of gel polish are loved and cherished by our customers.

Our company & products are all 100% certified.

We are working together to build ‘SHILLS PROFESSIONAL’ A famous brand.

About us

Shills professional founded in 2016 is an all-round beauty and skincare brand however since 2020 we are known as a nail-specializing company that offers to elevate your beauty standards. A huge growth can be witnessed in nails industry after the launch of Shills Professional.

We believe that the best marketing tool we can possibly have is a happy customer. We strive every day to make our customers feel valued and cherished, and they reward us by sharing their experience with friends and family. By continually engaging with customers, delivering innovative new products and, and focusing on consistent quality of products, we have made a mark on our customers who simply refuse to shop from anywhere else. We provide our customers A TOP QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE; you tend to get a lot in the product for what you pay.

Nails have established a most prominent role in this beauty world in preparation for their shows, prominent designers work with various nail brands. And celebrity nail artists tend to design custom looks that complement the featured collection that season

Anywhere else.

Nails & beauty products

Sounds simple, but when you think about it,

”great nail polish” Shills professional up hold

Some pretty sophisticated qualities