Acrylic Powder-(30g)

  • Brand Name:- Shills Professional
  • Product Name:- Acrylic Powder-(30g)
  •  Quantity: 1 Pc
  • Shade: 8 Colors Available
  • Item Weight:- 30g

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Champagne Pink
Cover Pink
Flamingo Pink
Natural Rose
Nude Pink
Rose Pink
Strawberry Ice
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  1. Take enough acrylic liquid in the cup.
  2. Dip the acrylic liquid with a brush.
  3. Dip the acrylic powder.
  4. Do nail extension or nail carving.
  5. acrylic powder set can fit your natural nails and offer a variety of styles of nails. Acrylic nail powder can make your nail art attract more attention.
  6. Acrylic powder nails are long-lasting, easy to colour, have strong adhesion, and last 2-3 weeks. The coloured nail powder provides a smooth, self-levelling surface effect. The acrylic powder set can be used for acrylic nail art, nail tips, French nail art, DIY, etc.

Shills Acrylic powder is a key component in acrylic nail enhancements. It is a fine, coloured or clear powder that is used in combination with a liquid monomer to create a strong and durable artificial nail overlay. Acrylic powder is available in a wide range of colours, allowing for endless creativity and customization in nail designs.

To apply Shills acrylic powder, a nail technician typically dips a brush into the liquid monomer and then into the acrylic powder, creating a paste-like consistency. This paste is then applied to the natural nail or nail extension, where it is shaped and sculpted before it hardens. Once cured, the acrylic powder creates a sturdy and long-lasting nail enhancement.

Shills Acrylic powder is known for its durability and resistance to chipping, making it a popular choice for those seeking long-lasting manicures. It can also be used to extend the length of natural nails or create intricate nail art designs. Additionally, acrylic powder can be filled and buffed to achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

It’s important to note that the application of acrylic powder requires proper training and technique, as it involves the use of chemicals. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional nail technician for the best results and to ensure the safety of your nails.

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