Nail Care No Lamp Nail Hardener

  • Brand Name: Shills Professional
  • Product Name: Nail Care No Lamp Nail Hardener
  • Color: Clear
  • Finish Type: Hardener, Healthy
  • Net Wt.: 15ml

Original price was: ₹225.00.Current price is: ₹202.00.

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Maintaining healthy and strong nails is easy with the Nail Nutrition Care Series. Their range of products includes functional nail polish and nail hardener, which work together to provide complete nail care.

How To Use:

start by removing any nail polish completely from your nail surface. Then, apply the nail hardener to enhance the strength of your nails. Keep in mind that excessive use of nail polish can damage the surface of your nails, making them fragile and prone to breakage. The nail hardener effectively prevents nail breakage by toughening the surface of your nails and making them stronger. It also protects them from further damage caused by external factors such as exposure to water and chemicals.

Overall, a nail hardener is a vital product for maintaining strong and healthy nails. It promotes growth and helps you achieve your desired nail length by making your nails more resistant to breakage and damage. If you often apply nail polish, your nail surface may become fragile. That’s where the nail hardener comes in handy. It helps to prevent breakage and enhances the toughness of your nails, making them stronger. With regular use, the nail hardener can help your nails grow longer and more resistant to breakage, ensuring that your nails always look their best.

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